Home improvement, preparing for fall

Home improvement plan preparing for fall

Residents of Northeast Ohio sense the changing of the seasons. There’s just something in the air. The high school bands and football teams are practicing. The days are sunny and warm, and the evenings are cool. The trees are ablaze with beautiful reds, yellows, and oranges. Before you head off for a tailgate party, take advantage of the waning days of summer to start preparing for fall.

Prepare the outside of your home for the fall

Here’s a checklist to prepare the exterior of your home for changing weather:

  • Are the shut off valves on your outdoor hoses and spigots closing properly?
  • Are the gutters in good shape and free of leaves and debris?
  • Are the outside lights functioning well?
  • Do you need more space to store your outdoor furniture and equipment to protect them from the elements? Is a shed or garage addition the answer?
  • Is your roof in good condition or in need of repair?
  • Did you check your fireplace flue and chimney? Remember to check the flashing around the chimney on the roof.
  • Do you have drafts around your doors and windows that mean you need to replace them with energy efficient ones?
  • Are your outdoor steps, especially wooden steps to a deck or porch, in good condition or do they need to be replaced?
  • Do you need a new coat of paint to protect the trim from the harsh winter to come?

Prepare the inside of your home for the fall

Here’s a checklist to prepare the interior of your home for the fall. Remember, you are preparing for upcoming entertaining and family dinner events.

  • Autumn is a terrific time to freshen the home with a new coat of paint. Inspect your walls. Look for cracks, scratches, and marks to repair before painting.
  • Is the kitchen functional for entertaining? Are the countertops scratched and unsightly? Do you need an island for serving family buffets?
  • Could you expand your entertaining with a bonus television room and bar in the unfinished basement?
  • Not enough storage for the holiday decorations? Consider adding more storage or closet space in the basement.