Getting Back to Normal: Fire Damage Restoration

We understand the fear, stress and uncertainty that property owners experience after a fire. Allen Keith Construction will provide guidance and support, while our caring and knowledgeable technicians work to get your life back to normal.

Unfortunately, after a fire, damage from soot and smoke can spread throughout the entire property–even areas untouched by fire. Using specialized techniques and equipment, our technicians will clean and remove this harmful residue from your property and belongings.

Our Process

  • After a fire we start by immediately securing your property from additional damage.
    • This means tarping roofs, securing damaged doors and windows and covering any openings in the property created by the fire or firefighting activities.
fire damage

Our skilled estimators work with you and your insurance company to eliminate fear, stress and uncertainty.

We will box, inventory, and remove salvageable contents from the property for cleaning and restoration. We understand the sentimental value that certain contents can carry, and you can be confident that we will treat your items as if they were our own.

  • Your damaged contents will be restored in our local facility. We are a IICRC-certified restoration company, meaning we are qualified to handle all levels of cleaning, from furniture to photographs, electronics, antiques and other valuables. Click here to learn about the Allen Keith Construction content recovery and restoration.

Once all items of value have been removed our construction team will begin debris removal and demolition. Meanwhile, our skilled estimators will be working with you and your insurance company to plan the reconstruction details and design.