Getting Back to Normal with Fire Damage Restoration

We understand the concern, stress, and uncertainty that property owners feel after a fire. Meanwhile, Allen Keith Construction will advise and support you as our compassionate and professional technicians work tirelessly to restore normalcy to your life.

Our primary goal is to return your home or business to its pre-incident condition. We specialize in fire and water damage repair, smoke odor removal, and deep cleaning soot from walls, carpets, and upholstery, among other things, as a leading fire damage restoration company.

Being caught up in or affected by a fire, whether at home or work, can be one of the most upsetting and frightening experiences a person can have. A fire’s speed and ferocity leave you feeling extremely vulnerable, and it has the potential to cause significant property damage or loss.

Fire Damage Restoration Process

  • After a fire, we start by immediately securing your property from additional damage.
    • This means tarping roofs, securing damaged doors and windows and covering any openings in the property created by the fire or firefighting activities.
  • We will box, inventory, and remove salvageable contents from the property for cleaning and restoration. We understand the sentimental value that particular contents can carry, so you can be confident that we will treat your items as our own.
  • We restore your damaged contents in our local facility. We are an IICRC-certified restoration company, meaning we are qualified to handle all levels of cleaning, from furniture to photographs, electronics, antiques and other valuables. Click here to learn about the Allen Keith Construction content recovery and restoration.
  • Once we remove all items of value, our construction team will begin debris removal and demolition. Meanwhile, our skilled estimators will be working with you and your insurance company to plan the reconstruction details and design.
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Even after firefighters have extinguished the flames, the damage caused by fires does not go away. When dealing with fire damage restoration, families are frequently forced to witness the destruction of their most valuable possessions and the collapse of the roof over their heads, forcing them to seek refuge somewhere safe. On the other hand, businesses might be experiencing financial difficulties and thus unable to operate. Therefore, it is critical to respond quickly to fire damage restoration to reduce the mental and financial stress that a fire can cause.

Every business owner understands that any interruption in operations hurts the company’s bottom line. Our loss teams are made up of many people who work with our local fire damage restoration specialists. These professionals are familiar with your specific set of challenges when it comes to fire damage. As a result, they can respond quickly to your call for assistance. Our primary goal is to get your business back up and running as soon as possible after a fire.

In addition to the physical damage caused by the fire, smoke and soot can be poisonous, creating a potentially lethal situation. Even if a fire is contained in a specific building area, smoke and soot can spread. Our professionals are highly trained and equipped with the necessary experience, tools, and knowledge to restore fire and smoke damage to your home or business. We take appropriate personal protective measures while cleaning, deodorizing, and restoring your property to its pre-fire condition as part of our mission to restore your house and valuable items to their pre-fire condition.

Soot and Smoke Removal

Unfortunately, after a fire, soot and smoke damage can spread throughout the entire property–even to areas not directly harmed by the fire. Our professionals will clean up and remove these hazardous residues from your property and belongings using specialized cleaning procedures and equipment.

The unmistakable smell of smoke or the sight of soot is most likely to be present immediately following fire damage to your property. These elements can contribute to the development of persistent issues in the home or business, resulting in corrosion and deterioration of property components. It is critical to begin a comprehensive smoke damage cleanup and soot removal operation as part of the fire damage restoration to ensure that the property recovers completely.

Allen Keith and CleanTech are industry leaders in assisting you in restoring your property to its pre-fire condition. Entrusting your smoke and soot removal needs to a team of Allen Keith and CleanTech professionals will allow you to benefit from their years of experience and industry-leading methods, all of which will help restore your property to its original condition.