Getting Back to Normal: Water Damage Restoration

It is imperative to get professional help as soon as water damage is detected. Early mitigation will help limit mold growth and property damage. Allen Keith Construction is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have a water emergency, contact us as soon as possible.

It may be tempting to try and fix water damage yourself. If not done properly, there can be damaging consequences to the structural elements of the buildings, as well as harmful effects to the air quality, posing potential health risks. Have confidence that you will not have future problems by calling our water experts at 330-699-5668.

Our highly trained and certified water removal technicians use specialized techniques and equipment to remove water and moisture from your property. While meeting IICRC standards, we eliminate the mess and repair the damage.

water damage
water damage

Our Process

  • After water damage, we start by immediately securing your property from additional damage.
    • This means tarping roofs, shutting off water valves, and attempting to stop further water from entering your property.
    • We will extract any standing or soaking water. Simultaneously, we will begin salvaging contents and furniture by moving them away from the affected area.
    • The technicians will remove any damaged wall or floor coverings and place equipment to completely dry and rid the area of water.
    • Once dried out, we will clean and sanitize the affected area.
    • If the area was subjected to mold, we will treat and mitigate the area. Check our mold mitigation process.
  • We will work with your insurance company for a smooth claim process and to maximize coverage for your damaged belongings.

You can take confidence in choosing Allen Keith Construction’s full-service restoration and construction company. If needed, your damaged contents can be restored in our local facility. Click here to learn about the Allen Keith Construction content recovery and restoration. Meanwhile, our construction crews will fix any damage and reconstruct your property to its full potential.

  • Whether your water damage came from a storm, flood, burst pipe, sump pump failure, leaky roof or anything else, our restoration and construction team will restore and reconstruct your property–back to normal.

When water invades your property every second counts. Trust our team of water experts at Allen Keith Construction.