General Contractors

4 reasons to hire a general contractor

Turn on your TV or tune into a local radio station, and you’ll hear a commercial about a big box store telling you to forget general contractors and trying to convince you to tackle a DIY project this weekend. From painting your entire home to replacing bathroom fixtures, big box stores are ready to sell you premium latex paint or a pedestal sink. Many even host classes, teaching you how to apply a decorative paint finish or how to grout glass tile. Sure, you could spend your weekend tackling that remodeling project, but should you?

Maybe you would rather spend the weekend with the kids or at the lake. Consider the benefits of hiring a general contractors such as Allen Keith Construction Co. to save valuable time.

General contractors will be finished on time

Home improvement projects are notorious for taking more time than planned. After working on your project for a few hours, you’ll find that you don’t have a necessary tool or are missing the right adhesive and will have to make another trip to the big box store. You may not realize that demolishing that tiny closet takes as long as it does. Before you know it, your weekend is over before your project is finished. You’ll have to set aside another weekend or two to complete the job.

One of the benefits of hiring a general contractor: An experienced contractor has the experience to know how long a project will take-from collecting the right tools and materials to cleaning up afterward.

General contractors guarantee your home improvements are up-to-code

When was the last time you checked your local building codes? Do you know if you need a permit to add a bathroom to your unfinished basement? More importantly, do you know if your work will pass the plumbing inspection? You may have the needed skills and experience to install a dishwasher or a new backsplash, but one misplaced bend in the waste water pipe or an incorrectly calculated setback for your kitchen addition may be the difference between finishing your project and having to tear it down and start over.

One of the benefits of hiring a general contractor: Local contractors know and understand local building codes and guarantee that their work will meet those standards.

You don’t have to buy the tools and supplies to finish the project

You probably have quite a collection of tools, both power tools and hand tools. What you don’t own, you can borrow or rent. Consider, though, your expertise using these tools. You may be an expert with your hammer and power drill. You may have logged dozens of hours with a tile cutter while volunteering for a building project in your community last summer. But even if you know how to use the tools you plan to borrow or rent, are you familiar enough with their idiosyncrasies to use them efficiently and safely?

Two more benefits of hiring general contractors: Contractors have the tools needed to complete the project. Also, each member of the construction team has extensive experience using the tools of his specialty.