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5 Ideas to Upgrade Your Patio This Summer

When summer rolls around in northeast Ohio, everyone knows you’ve got to take advantage of the weather while you have the chance. But Ohio winters can be rough on patios and yours may not be summer-ready. If your patio is looking a little tired and worn, or you’re wanting to make your space ready for company, Allen Keith Construction Co. has some tips to turn your patio into a stunning outdoor space.

Expand your patio

If you don’t have a patio, or your existing patio isn’t quite big enough, expanding can help. When placing or expanding the patio, it’s important to think about the space around you. Size, shape, style, and material are all factors to consider when creating and expanding your patio. You also want to consider traffic patterns. It’s important that your patio and lawn flow together so you have a cohesive outdoor living space.

Consider decorative patio resurfacing

If the tile or cement that makes up your patio is looking a little rough around the edges, consider resurfacing. There are many options for different stone and decorative overlays. If natural stone isn’t in your budget, cement overlay is a good alternative.

Often, cement overlays are made to replicate natural stone, giving you something beautiful and lasting for less. Cement can be laid in many different patterns and colors, so the options are endless. Resurfacing is a good way to fix a hazardous patio as well. Over time patios can crack and become un-level, and resurfacing will make them safer.

Add built-ins for a sophisticated outdoor space

Increasingly, it’s becoming more popular for patios to have features built-in so they become part of the patio itself. A fire pit is one example of this. A built-in firepit can be a beautiful brick structure. Laying tile down around the brick structure not only adds a fun design element, but it covers up the blackened grass around the fire pit.

Grills can also be built into your patio using brick, stone, or any material you like. Take it a step further and get countertops next to your grill to create an outdoor kitchen space. Plus, if you add a built-in bench, it’ll make those evening marshmallow roasts even more comfortable.

Upgrade to a covered patio

As we all know, northeast Ohio weather can be unpredictable. A good way to keep the weather from causing havoc with your patio is by using a cover. Whether it’s an extension off the back of your house, or a separate gazebo-like structure, having a covered patio can increase the usability of your outdoor space, allowing you to grill or curl up with the cat and a good book while the rain pours.

There are many different options for covering your patio. It can be a tent-like structure with a fabric cover, or a wooden structure like a pergola.

Make your patio an extension of your landscaping

Patios are a perfect place for all of your potted plants and flowers, especially if your yard is small. If you have fairly large plants, they can act to keep your patio cooler in the heat. The plants will also make your patio feel more cozy and help with relaxation.

Wanting to add a little more nature to the mix? Bird feeders and fountains are good choices to give you the feel of a cool, pleasant retreat. If you decide to implement something like a pergola as we talked about above, that kind of structure is great for climbing plants to grow on.