Basement Bar Ideas

Amazing Basement Bar Ideas

Basement bars can make excellent use of formerly unfinished spaces. If you’d like to incorporate a space to entertain your family, friends and neighbors, consider these basement bar ideas.

Olde English pub

An Olde English Pub is traditionally a proper gentlemen’s retreat, complete with darts, snooker table, and traditional card games. Beer is always on tap, but a fine selection of local whiskeys and other liquors would also be appropriate. An Olde English Pub, stylistically, is dimly lit; has warm, dark finishes; and is inviting with rich leathers, oil paintings of hunting scenes, and comfortable seating.

If the idea of an Olde English Pub is appealing, consider including these design elements in your basement bar:

  • Coffered dark wood ceilings
  • Paneled wood walls
  • Weathered wood flooring
  • Brass and leather accents

Trendy metropolitan club

A Trendy Metropolitan Club is just that-hip, trendy, even cutting edge. You go to a Trendy Metropolitan Club to be seen or to people watch. The menu includes a colorful palette of unusual flavor combinations, from wasabi and sage to watermelon and turmeric. A Trendy Metropolitan Club, stylistically, is like a fashion show. Bright lighting flatters bright pops of color, crystal lighting and barware, and people’s faces.

If you’d like to incorporate the most talked about club in your neighborhood in your basement, include these design elements:

  • Reflective finishes on ceilings
  • Colorful and/or geometric patterned wallpaper
  • Brightly polished metal bar and backsplash
  • Crystal and glass accents

Comfortable neighborhood bar

A Comfortable Neighborhood Bar emphasizes hospitality. It invites you in to stay and visit for awhile. It’s where you go to see friends and meet new ones. A Comfortable Neighborhood Bar, stylistically, is comfortable. There’s a balance of traditional and contemporary finishes. The personality of the homeowner shines through the design.

To create the hospitality of a Comfortable Neighborhood Bar, consider incorporating these design elements:

  • Wood flooring
  • Neutrally colored paint or softly textured wallpaper
  • Granite bar with stainless steel sinks
  • Eclectic barware and accents, including family photos

Modern brewery

A Modern Brewery or Winery is lively and fresh. Some breweries center on the enjoyment of sports; others may include a full kitchen to make the most of food and beverage pairings. A Modern Brewery/Winery, stylistically, is the most eclectic and diverse. Consider these design elements in your basement bar:

  • Bamboo or cork flooring
  • Plastered or brick-faced walls
  • Butcher block bar
  • Full kitchen